Baby clothes shopping will be the death of my savings & wallet. But at least Lily will be one fashionable cutie! 😉

We recently did some online shopping and Lily’s adorable dress from Gap is amongst one of my favorite spends this month (along with a cute pair of overalls with a kitty on them and matching shoes from NEXT). 

I have to admit though I’m super proud of myself this month, I set a budget and actually stuck to it all while scoring great deals. I am now confident Lily is set on clothing up to nine months in size. C:
Dear Lily,

Even though we haven’t met yet, you’ve already become quite the character. Not more than four weeks ago, you loved moving to the sound of daddy’s lips pressed against my belly. You would follow the sound and vibrations from one  end of my belly to the other, but now you stay very still when Daddy talks to you. Are you listening? Are you fascinated by the soothing voice that calls your name every day? I wonder about these things throughout the day as you come up with new ways to interact with me. Now, at thirty one weeks your favorite game is poking. I don’t know if it’s just your curiosity getting the best of you or if mommy’s just annoying you, but you always respond to me poking you three times, by kicking or moving in the same place I’ve poked you. I honestly can’t wait until you are here in mommy’s arms. I feel as if the next nine weeks are just going to drag on, but I have a few projects to keep me busy while I impatiently wait for you. In the mean time continue to grow my little June bug. Mommy loves you. 💛