Our April finds for the month, a bunny for her crib (the white one), her first “teddy” (the light brown one), a pacifier with a sheep attached to it, a mouse rattle, and her Winnie The Pooh baby album. We also bought her a tummy time play mat and two cloth diapers. 

We are unsure if we are going to stick to cloth diapers or use regular diapers, but I at least wanted to try cloth ones before completely disregarding them. :)
♡ ; Pregnancy Downside

Either my breast need to grow a teensy bit more or need to magically jump back to their original cup size because being in between sizes has made bra shopping extremely irritating. The first trimester put me in between 34 and 36 B, and now third trimester is bordering me between B and C. 😒

Which wouldn’t be a problem if our local stores carried a maternity section, but even at maternity stores my love and I struggle finding a nursing bra that fits comfortably. Thankfully, a sports bra that was really tight on my love fits snug as a bug on me so for now I have two comfortable bras.

My next step is to search online and try looking for different styled nursing bras, sports looking & normal ones so I can wear them according to my shirt.

Any suggestions on some online shops would be greatly appreciated!

My sweet, sweet Lily. Yesterday I got to see you in 4D, and after watching you for twenty minutes I felt like you were really here. By “here” I mean, in my arms and not in my womb. I can already see the days where I’ll just watch you with admiration as you study and take in the world around you. I’ll watch the way your eyes move, your lips tug, and the way your face will wrinkle when you cry. It’s almost hard being home just feeling your movements, when I just want to be back in that little room watching you on the big screen. I’m hoping the next ten weeks will fly by, so I can hold you and kiss those chubby little cheeks of yours, but in the mean time continue to grow strong my little love bug. ♥
♡ ; Road Trip

Just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow, and not even the chance of showers can dampen my mood. Not only will I fine and dine with Olive Garden, desserts, bubble tea, crepes, I will also get to see my Lily-buns in 3D/4D. ♥ Now I just need to make a list of all of the baby boutiques, fabric shops, and dessert cafes I found, but before I can do that I’m going to tidy up my house entire house, then prepare a kennel for the road trip since we are bringing our big ole’ German Shepherds with us, their leashes/ collars, then write a little list of snacks to pick up at Walmart for the road trip. Some where I need to sneak in a nap since I know there’s no way I’m going to get a wink of sleep tonight, not to mention we are leaving at 4:OO am really only giving us less than three hours to snooze from the time my honey gets home from work. 

Any ways, I need to kick myself off tumblr now and get back to cleaning ~

♡ ; Pregnancy Update
How Far Along: 29 weeks and 6 days. ♥ Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs, I’ve gained 2lbs since my last appointment at 25 weeks.Days until next doc appointment?: Eighteen days,although this will most likely change, due to wanting to try a different OB-GYN doctor.Innie or Outtie: Still an innie surprisingly (^v^) Symptoms: Shortness of breath, Restless Leg Syndrome which is God awful (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ, and heart burn.Maternity Clothes: I only own a pair of maternity jeans and two maternity blouses, I’m stumped between buying more maternity clothing due to recently discovering that my spring / summer clothing is uncomfortably snug on my baby bump or just accepting my very limited wardrobe since she’ll be due in June. Decisions, decisions. Sleep: ( ̄- ̄) I’ve been very sleepy since entering the third trimester, I’ve been going to bed early and sleeping in until noon then taking naps throughout the day unfortunately though I’m not sleeping comfortably between my back aching, restless leg syndrome, and Lily’s positions I wake up extremely sore and restless. Stretch marks: On my breasts, my sides, and very small ones on the sides of my legs just below my hips.Embarrassing Pregnant Moment: None that I can currently think of.Sex: A sweet baby girl ♥ Food Cravings: Sweets, sweets, sweets. (。・//ε//・。) I am constantly craving brownies, cookies, cakes, and chocolate. Food Aversions: Mostly chicken, and the sight of raw meat.Movement: Lily’s patterns change frequently, but as of late she’s been very active throughout the day and night Monday - Thursday, but Friday - Sunday she spends most of her time sleeping with very little movements. What I am looking forward to: I’m looking forward to my 3D / 4D Ultra Sound tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown since I’ve last seen her, and her cute little facial features. I just hope she’s active during the ultra sound since we also get a little DVD. (○’ω’○) My Baby in Veggie/Fruit/Food Terms: A large cabbage, tehee.Due Date: June 21, 2014 ♥ Have You Started to Show Yet? Well, I can definitely tell you there’s no hiding this baby bump. Unless I’m wearing an over sized hoodie, then some people just think I’ve gotten chubby. (;Mood? My moods haven’t been terribly affected, thank goodness. My lovie insists I’ve become even more of a softie though, I get all teary eyed at any remotely touching scene. 
On a side note, I love this picture because just above my tattoo, Lily’s little bum was sticking out. ♥