I’m going to miss this beautiful weather come winter. #selfie
My beautiful Lilianna Danielle, born on 6/19/2014 at 11:36 pm. My sweet sweet baby, I can’t wait until she comes back to me. Currently she’s in the NICU because I spiked a fever before delivering her and she had fluid in her lungs. My poor June Bug. #newborn #newmom #junebug #labor
I can see myself taking a power nap, and waking up to Lily Buns sleeping on Daddy’s lap while Daddy plays on the PS3 especially considering that’s the only time my O&O can get play time since I’m such a Netflix hog. 😘 wolfxhowl
♡ Making a second tumblr ;

I’ve decided to make a second tumblr dedicated to the last seven weeks of my pregnancy and journey into motherhood. I’ll continue to use this one to re blog my personal interests / loves / etc, but I will be switching all of my pregblr (/mumblr) posts to my other account.

I’m doing this because I’m reaching the last seven weeks of my pregnancy, and I’ve been following a lot more blogs dedicated towards pregnancy and parenthood for advice, support, etc, but often times I miss posts due to following other blogs that fall into my other interests.

If you are interested in still following me and my journey feel free to follow @ bestillxmyheart !

♡ Baby Preparations ;

First I’d like to say I have the most loving significant other ever! I woke up today with ringing ears making me practically tone deaf for over an hour ( if you were in my face and yelling at me I could hear you, other wise I couldn’t hear anything ) but after some antibiotics, a warm shower, and ear drops I was finally able to hear again. Unfortunately though the humidity has my ears plugged and the antibiotics made me queasy, so while I took a nap my sweetheart got started on prepping and painting our room. By the time I woke up (three hours later) she had a hot cup of vanilla cappuccino waiting for me, and took a break on painting to just love up on me. ;u;

Little moments like this literally just make my heart burst, I’m so lucky to be with someone whose so patient and understanding. ♡

At the moment we are currently working on getting all of Lily’s clothes, blankets, and toys washed and sorted as well as setting up her nursery corner in our room. I won’t be able to get her decals up until tomorrow since we are painting today, but that’s okay since there’s still a few things that I want to buy before taking the grand finale picture (which won’t be until after May 12th).

Some other things I’m looking forward too is painting and decorating her actual room. Eventually we’ll be moving her from our room into her own room, and I kept struggling on a theme. Now I’ve decided to wait until she’s born to see what her personality is then going from there, it’ll be a slow progress project that won’t be done until she’s 6 months old, but that’s okay since I’m in no rush to kick her out of our room.

In other news, we switched doctors. We were supposed to have an ultra sound and doctors appointment on April 29th, but I’ve heard from a lot of my friends how the doctor I used to have was well known for dropping babies, using forceps (and bruising their skull), having terrible bed side manner during delivery, being responsible for 3 infant deaths, and on top of that having many law suits against her. So now my appointment has been set up with a new doctor who’ll be seeing me on my 34 week mark. My lovie and I decided to also schedule our chihuahua a vet appointment and dental cleaning and just spend the whole day in town doing some labor bag shopping and buying ourselves a new camera! :’D

Baby clothes shopping will be the death of my savings & wallet. But at least Lily will be one fashionable cutie! 😉

We recently did some online shopping and Lily’s adorable dress from Gap is amongst one of my favorite spends this month (along with a cute pair of overalls with a kitty on them and matching shoes from NEXT). 

I have to admit though I’m super proud of myself this month, I set a budget and actually stuck to it all while scoring great deals. I am now confident Lily is set on clothing up to nine months in size. C: